Local Planning Proposals - Current & Archive

The table below is a quick reference to current and archive proposals, local plans and 'larger' planning applications.

To view residents' comments visit the Spooner Row Message Board.

For details on current planning applications visit South Norfolk Council.  Information on the emerging Greater Norwich Local Plan, see GNDP.

Greater Norwich Local Plan Stage C Regulation 18 Public Consultation - Draft Strategy and Site Allocations, 29 Jan to 16 Mar 2020. See GNDP website
Planning Application Ref 2019/0483, 5 dwellings at School Lane, behind existing properties.
Planning Application Ref 2019/0330, New travellers Site, 8 mobile home pitches, land east of London Road.
Greater Norwich Local Plan Stage B Regulation 18 Public Consultation - New, Revised and Small Sites, 29 Oct to 14 Dec 2018. See site map and GNDP website
Planning Application Ref 2018/2758, Reserved matters for phase 1 for 89 dwellings at land between London Rd and Suton Lane. See also 2013/2011
Planning Application Ref 2018/1950, 40 dwellings at Station Road & parking at junction with Chapel Lane.
Planning Variation Ref 2018/1622, Chapel Road - to reduce affordable homes from 13 to 5. See also 2016/2424
Planning Application Ref 2018/1528, Station Road for 10 dwellings, following demolition of existing bungalow. See also 2019/0538 and 2012/1574
Public Consultation 6 June 2018 held at the Village Hall - Residential development for 40 dwellings, Station Road, see SRMB
Greater Norwich Local Plan Stage A Regulation 18 Public Consultation - Site Proposals and Growth Options, 8 Jan to 15 Mar 2018. See GNDP website and Spooner Row site map
Community Governance Review Consultation 20 March - 12 June 2017. The successful formation of a new parish for Spooner Row, Suton & Wattlefield was made at May 2019 elections. See related topics and threads on the Spooner Row message board between 2017-2019 to view details.
Planning Application Ref 2017/1321, 8 dwellings - land west of Queensland, Station Road.
Planning Application Ref 2016/2424, 30 residential dwellings - 17 dwellings at Bunwell Road and 13 dwellings at Chapel Road. See also 2012/2016, 2014/2472 and 2018/1622
Planning Application Ref's 2016/1301, 2 dwellings at 2 Cantley Villas, Station road.
Planning Application Ref 2016/0627, School Lane for 7 dwellings click here. See also 2018/1772 (Variation to extend splays and relocation of plots 4-7) and 2015/0644
Greater Norwich Local Plan timetable. Proposed development sites: Spooner Row map page 39), Suton map (page 38), Tacolneston To Wymondham map. (Nov 2016)
Planning Application Ref 2014/1851, 7 dwellings at land behind 1 Cantley Villas, Station Road. See also 2015/2519 (Removal of affordable housing provision), 2016/0255 (Variation of condition 2), and 2014/1619
First Governance Review for an independent Community Parish for Spooner Row, Suton & Wattlefield. See Spooner Row message board - there are several threads relating to this, (Questionnaire circulated in Jan 2014)
Planning Application Ref 2013/2011, for a New Neighbourhood Development on land between Suton Lane & London Road, Suton - Hallam Land Management. Outline application for 385 dwellings
South Norfolk Council Local Plan Documents Pre-submission Public Consultation see SNC's letter. (Public Consultation closed on 13th December 2013)
Planning Application Ref 2013/0952 for a 71ha Solar Park in Wattlefield (July 2013)
Wymondham Area Action Plan (WAAP) - Connecting South Wymondham Urban Design Framework. See Consultee letter. (Public Consultation closed on 3 July 2013)
South Norfolk Local Plan, Public Consultation - Site Specific Amendments and Development Management Policies. See Consultee letter. (Public Consultation closed on 22 May 2013)
South Norfolk Council's Wymondham Area Action Plan (WAAP) - the next stage. Two exhibitions provided. (Public Consultation closed on 22nd March 2013)
South Norfolk Local Plan - Site Specific Allocations & Policies Development Plan Document (DPD). (Public Consultation closed on 26th October 2012)
Planning Application 2012/2016, development of land to the east of Chapel Road (13 dwellings) and land to the east of Bunwell Road (20 dwellings. (October 2012)
Planning Application 2012/1574, 5 detached dwellings at The Bungalow, Station Road, see also 2018/1528 for 10 dwellings.
J.Alston & Son Ltd - Public Exhibition for two housing developments proposed in Spooner Row - Chapel Rd and Bunwell Rd (July 2012)
Planning Application Ref 2012/1049, Gypsy & Traveller Site (8 pitches), Chepore Lane, Suton. (July 2012)
South Norfolk Council's LDF - Site Specific Housing Allocation for Spooner Row Preferred Options. See Morley & Spooner Row site map 57. (June 2012)
South Norfolk Council's LDF -Site Specific Policies & Allocations Letter, Stages 2 & 3 timetable. (Feb 2011)

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