Spooner Row, Suton & Wattlefield Community Council

Source: South Norfolk District Council Parish Boundary Consultation


A new parish council was established after the local elections held on 2nd May 2019.  It includes the three villages of Spooner Row, Suton and Wattlefield and has a total of seven elected parish councillors.

Previously the three villages were part of Cromwells ward situated within the parish of Wymondham.

The new community parish still has a link with Wymondham as it shares its two local District Councillors as part of South Wymondham.


Contact Parish Councillors:
Julian Halls (Chairman)  julian.halls@talktalk.net
Martyn Lemon (Vice-chairman)  mrtynlemon@aol.com
Tony Cleary  tonycleary20@yahoo.com
Robert Foster  robert@netcom.co.uk
Neil Griffin  info@nrgservices.co.uk
Sue Hewitson  sue_hewitson@yahoo.co.uk
Stephen Ward  swsrcouncil@gmail.com


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